Dr Rubberfunk- Watch The Tables Turn

February 16th, 2006

Featuring London female MC Sara J, ‘Watch The Tables Turn’ is an extremely funky slice of sound comprised of great live drums and a warm guitar. Whilst the production is hot, and of a very impressive loop based vibe, the vocals leave a lot to be desired. Her singing’s passable, by there’s something about Sara J’s rapping which feels very phoney, like your Mum imitating your rap music with a big breath of matured chedder. The single includes an instrumental/remix which makes the release worthwhile, alongside the great track ‘Live Wired’. That’s an instrumental effort in the same vibes as the A Side but with lots more going on which makes the result far more enjoyable.

2 Responses to “Dr Rubberfunk- Watch The Tables Turn”

  1. L Man Says:

    Tee, harsh comments man I’ve worked with Sara J @ my studio in
    Brixton on nuff tunes & she’s a talented artist.
    Her dad’s American & she was actually born there but gets called
    ‘fake’ for rappin with an american accent….whats dat all about?
    Keep doin your thing Sara J, haters will be haters….
    Peace to all the real rap fans,
    L Man

  2. Tee Says:

    opinion is subjective. just cuz i dont feel a particular track, doesn’t mean i’m a hater, or something other than a ‘real rap fan’. i simply didn’t like it. and i was sent it to express my opinion, either way. ill rewrite it and say it’s the best thing in the entire world if you’d like. but then i wouldn’t be doing my job properly. safe!