Roots Manuva- Alternately Deep

February 12th, 2006

Whereas ‘Dub Come Save Me’ was the icing on the cake in the aftermath of the awesome second album by Manuva, this remix/rarities release has ‘milking the audience’ written all over it. It’s not that the material is poor, but it all seems a little pointless. After all, Big Dada Records released ‘Awfully DE/EP’ not long ago, which was of the same vain as this package but of fewer tracks. The press release for this will have us believe that these are gems which didn’t make the cut for ‘Awfully Deep’, but the reality is that they would have damaged the tight, dark and developed vibes of the recent studio album. If they were that amazing, they wouldn’t have been scrapped from the final tracklistings.

Never the less, if you have a lot of spare change at the bottom of your pockets or gran bought you a Virgin Megastores voucher you have no use for, pick this up to spend three quaters of an hour listening to hit and miss material. ‘Double Drat’, previously available as an ‘exclusive’ download only available online (um…) steals the show with its drowsy chorus and ‘This Worls Is Mine’ is a dub delight. A warning though. If like the majority, ‘Collossal Insight’ was your album favourite when ‘Awfully Deep’ dropped, ignore the grime producer Jammer’s rehashing of it. The beautiful intro, perfected chorus and vintage Manuva verses are, well, not quite represented in this reworking.

One Response to “Roots Manuva- Alternately Deep”

  1. Harry Mitchell Says:

    Have to disagree with the general vibe of this review.

    Alterately Deep, in my view, is better than Awfully Deep. I think its a return to greatness personally, as i felt Awfully deep missed the mark slightly. The Jammer remix of Collosal Insight is, in a word, brilliant, as are This World Is Mine, Check It, Grown Man and No love, the latter probably being the best track on the album.

    Alternately Deep isnt just for completists.. Its something for all Manuva fans to enjoy.

    Its a lot darker and the beats more sparse and raw than Awfully deep, which explains why these tracks were released separately.

    I’d advise anyone to shell out the £8 and buy it, whether you have lots of spare change or not!