Skinnyman- I’ll Be Suprised

July 10th, 2004

So it’s finally happening. The first single is out and the album is nearing release and if this is anything to go by, August is going to be one hell of a month for hip-hop heads. I’ll Be Surprised has a great sample/chorus which Skinny, with his awesome voice accompanies with ease. Keeping it as close to reality as always, the Finsbury MC talks about some of the hard truths of council estate life, a theme said to be running strong throughout the forthcoming long player. As if this wasn’t enough of a taster, alongside instrumentals and both clean and dirty versions of each track, there’s ‘Never Gonna Happen’ which has some great production which matches the vocals brilliantly. Every word feels as though it’s being said from the heart before the head which adds a unique quality which is hard to articulately describe. Skinny talks about life behind bars and its effect on him. The music aside, the art work is classy and the fact that you can get this not only on vinyl but also CD is yet another point to smile about.