Doc Brown

February 10th, 2006

Doc Brown

Rapnews caught up with Doc Brown to find out what he’s been up to since dropping the masterpiece ‘The Document’ and what’s next for him and the Poisonous Poets crew.

How did you think the release of your debut album, ‘The Document’, was received?

The critical feedback was good across the board. National newspapers, magazines and websites. I’d say it got better reviews than pretty much any other UK rap release of last year. The feedback from punters was positive too.

Is there anything you would have done differently in terms of promoting it or the actual material itself?

Yeah definitely. I wish the label put a bit more dough into a proper tour and posters/adverts.

The album was one of the most well rounded, consistently great releases the UK has ever seen. Did you get pissed it didn’t blow up more?

Of course I felt it should have had more shine, but I cant waste time with regrets. I’m going to reclaim the licensing and publishing and re-release it internationally.

Now you’ve got such a healthy release out there, have you had any major label interest or a phone call from your old associates at BMG?

Yeah. 2 majors have hollered, but no realistic deal has been offered. BMG? Nah…

Evil Ed has said certain things about Janomi Records. Do you have any problems with the way they worked the

I can understand Ed’s frustration, but we’re all adults here. If you sign to an indie doing something as specialised as UK Rap, you’ve got to be prepared for a bumpy ride. It can’t be easy for these small companies to turn a substantial profit so quickly. At the same time, I do feel that Janomi should think bigger.

Do you still have a relationship with the label and will your new material be through them?

Yes, there are some loose ends to tie up, so I am still in contact, but my new stuff’s gonna be on a whole different plain.

What have you been up to since the release and what gossip can you tell us about the new material you’ve been working on?

Boy! Too much has happened, still! I’ve toured the LP nationwide, on top of that I’ve done another UK tour with De La Soul. I’ve put out 2 Videos (‘Do It’ & ‘Love Me the Right Way’), I’ve worked with Mylene Klass and appeared on 3 consecutive episodes of CD:UK, I’ve led a Hiphop workshop tour across the UK with EA Sports, done an ad’ campaign for 02 phones, started writing for comedy shows on BBC Radio 1 and 4, quit my day job and become a full time MC, bought a house and had a baby daughter on New Years Eve, 3 hours and 1 minute before midnight. 2005 was good to me. As for new material, that’s under my hat for now.

Are you gonna be working with the likes of C Swing again? His beats were sick. And what other producers do you wanna hook up with?

Yeah, C Swing’s definitely involved. I just done a tune with him and this Japanese R&B singer which is bubbling in Tokyo right now… I’m also working with Curtis Lynch (Shola Ama, Adam F collaborator). Budgie’s coming back on board too. One thing I can tell you about the next project is that there will be a massive influence from Nutty P (Sway, Baby Blu collaborator).

When will we be hearing an album from the whole of the Poisonous Poets crew, and what solo projects have the crew got coming out?

We just put the final touches on a new CD, ‘Lethal Dosage’ which has 20 brand new tracks. We’ve got another 20-25 tracks in the can aside from that too, so you can expect plenty more from us. In terms of solo, Stylah’s next with ‘Crash Course’, then Revel’s got an 8 track EP, then it’s another P’P’ CD, so the future’s bright.

Is there a figure head in Poisonous Poets and how did Stylah and Lowkey become official members of the squad?

Yeah, me! Nah seriously, I think that the backbone is me and Reveal as founding members. We tend to make a lot of the tactical or logistical decisions, but creatively everyone’s equal. Stylah has become a key decision maker as well, and an all round motivator. He’s a true hustler. Stylah and Lowkey joined quite naturally. It wasn’t like we head hunted them. They are 2 MCs that know exactly what we mean by the ‘Poisonous Standard’ which is basically a level of creativity and skill required to roll with us. They were doing it before they joined so it was just a natural progression. Deal Real played a big part too. The archetypal melting pot!

Do you think the double P will keep expanding or is the line up as big as it’s gonna get?

Hell no! It’s hard enough making decisions with one other brer. Six can be near impossible! No more MCs! Saying that, we are gonna have Poisonous affiliates in different cities in the UK.

What’s the dopest UK track you’ve heard lately and what rappers are you finding the most exciting right now?

My favourite UK track is ‘Fuck You’ by Lowkey, off ‘Key to the Game’ 3. It’s so catchy. Just a shame it could never hit the charts. I also like the track ‘Cry’ by Swiss. That shit just hits you in the heart. Classic. My favourite UK artists (after PP) are Swiss, Drastick, Sway, Luc Skyz & Taskforce.

I’ve heard people really rating your live show. Are you still hosting at Deal Real, and what gig dates can you let us in on?

Deal Real has run its course. It’s over. The next dates for my live shows are March 2nd at the World HQ in Newcastle, then March 9th at the Fez Club in Bristol. Watch this space for April.

There’s a new ‘Back To The Future’ film in the works. As someone named after its main character, are you hyped for the new flick?

How can they improve on the original? Anyhow, MJ Fox has got parkinsons and Christopher Lloyd must be dead by now.

Carrying on the time travelling theme, if you could go back to any particular moment in hiphop history, where’d that be?

Got to be uptown NYC circa 1982. Or Amsterdam 1999 to see Big L’s last ever live performance.

Care to make any shout out’s or any promo messages to leave this on?

For your TV: Channel U video, ‘Love Me The Right Way’: No. 611. For your phone: text STREET and the content code to 82772. ‘Do It’ Video order code: 508. ‘Characters’ Realtone order code: 36. Full track order code: 286 ‘Feel Me’. Real tone order code: 37. Full track order code: 287.

5 Responses to “Doc Brown”

  1. Jay Says:

    The Document was an incredible album and sickeningly slept on. I hope the international re-release works out because it’s the best example of UK hiphop the outsidaz will ever hear. Sod The Streets and “Lady” Sovereign. Doc is the truth!

  2. Mic Says:

    about time the super group pp released a proper straight forward album. would utterly wipe out any other uk hiphop group.

  3. Myaz Says:

    The Document is definately one of the best UK LPs to date in my opinion, fairly solid throughout. With no filler tracks, it deserved more credit than it got. Need more tours from doc brown tho! defo more shows.

  4. Propaganda Life Says:

    Yo thanks for a dope interview.

  5. heartbroken Says:

    love me in the right way that song is goin far trust