Verb T & Harry Love- Delusion

February 5th, 2006

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If you can’t see the video, you’ll need to download the Quicktime player.

10 Responses to “Verb T & Harry Love- Delusion”

  1. Jason Says:

    Outstanding video. I can’t wait to hear their full album. If it’s anything like this track, it’s going to be seriously sick. I heard Harry Love is doing beats for Pace Won from New York’s old Outsidaz crew. That’s sick!

  2. Rocky Says:

    Luvin’ the black and white V colour style of this vid’ treatment.

  3. Jake Says:

    Wikid stuff. Verb T sounds like a sleepy bastard but it suits Harry’s sounds.

  4. Grilla Says:

    Lip sync is well out man.. annoying… beat’s nice… not that adventurous though… rap is cool… verging on mundane tho…

  5. J.L Says:

    Agree with the guy who said that the lip sync is weak. Good track, sadly the video could’ve been better (and no, I aint expectin some high budget ish)

    With all that said, Verb Ts face cracks me up when he says “ahh shit man I fucked up”, haha slappin his head an shit

  6. Bob Preston Says:

    Yeah looks like his had plastic surgery on his face the way he cant move his lips tight beat alright lyrics

  7. ill town Says:

    don’t kno what bob preston is on about, bit of a gay comment bout his lips. I think verbs is the best thing about this video. good tune too

  8. jack shite Says:

    yeah i gotta big up the video
    im luvin the black n white mixd with the colour
    is that twang aswell?
    cant wait for the album

  9. vertex Says:


  10. pistache clothing Says:

    love this video…. love the track….. love Harry and Verbs….. love our product placement….!lol