Sober & Dribbla- Deeper Rest

February 4th, 2006

On this debut EP, Bristol based Sober (producer) and Dribbla (rapper) have successfuly created a solid collection of tracks which are as strong as any first offerings. The beats are all listenable and the vocals are of a good enough standard. There’s a quite jazzy atmosphere to the sounds which at the same time, have a slight industrial edge. There’s nothing amazing about the execution of the rapping which is of a similar delivery throughout. Furthermore, the lyrics aren’t as strong as a lot of up and coming artists out there. Never the less, now the debut project’s done and dusted, it’ll be interesting to see how the two progress and what they come up with next time. This is out now, with some of the nicest artwork a UK release has seen for a while, care of graffiti artist Tor.

One Response to “Sober & Dribbla- Deeper Rest”

  1. Mr.Fresh Says:

    sober and dribbla come correct!!.. original dope beats with original dope flows!..

    dont be afraid to be original!!.. variety, thats whatt we like..