Immortal Technique- Bin Laden (Remix)

February 4th, 2006

It’s great to see this get a full blown release, having floated around cyber space to many hiphop head’s delight for some time. Immortal Technique drops knowledge as he always does and Chuck D’s contribution of a chorus, although quite basic and unexciting in comparison to his earlier work, is a nice touch. As with the inclusion of faint KRS One vocals, it allows us to perhaps see yester-year’s powerfully political rappers pass the torch onto hiphop’s next current affairs spokesman. The release is jammed with ‘street’ and ‘clean’ versions as well as a remix featuring Mos Def, who’s apprently remembered he’s a rapper and not a skilled actor. The final track of the release is ‘The War-Vs-US all’, a really cool spoken word track in which Mumia Abu Jamal drops criticisms of President Bush over a chilled and enjoyable strings and piano based beat. This single drops via Viper Records on the 13th of March, ahead of Technique’s summer release of his album ‘The Middle Passage’.