February 2nd, 2006


His EP’s been out for over a year but it still stands as one of the most entertaining releases about. Here’s what the man had to say about his crew, Kung Fu and the debut album!

How far does your rapping CV date back to?

I think my 1st official release was in ‘99 with Deal Real Records called ‘Kiss That Arse Goodnight’. Prior to that, I featured on a couple of mixtapes via Blufoot and Disorda.

What present day artists and producers keep you interested in the music and wanting to make more?

The artists that are still making good music… not many about innit? Nah, I mean, I like SkinnyMan, MI5, Block McLoud (Brooklyn Academy), GhostFace, J-Dilla, Madlib, Max Thief, MF Doom, Percee-P, Ludacris, Just Blaze, Leela James, Bugz In The Attic, Mark De Clive Lowe, C-Swing, Marcos Valle to name a few…

Tell us about Natural Born Spittaz. Is that your crew, and who else is in the fam?

Yep, that’s my crew. It’s me and my partner in rhyme Jargon. He was already in MI5 when I met him but we connected so well that we had to form a group. I didn’t wanna get in the way of what MI5 were doing already out of respect so even though we were spreading the N.B.S. word I felt it was better if they established MI5 as a group first and then we start coming with the Spittaz stuff which is slowly happening now.

People need to understand that as artists who are unsigned and without management or a team behind us, it’s not easy ‘cause as much as we love this music shit, it don’t pay the bills etc.. So this means that things will take longer than you want them to, but hold tight man. The Spittaz are coming for all you biters!

How do you feel your EP ‘Music Mystro’ was received and how did you link with Lowlife Records?

I think it was received well enough to put me in the circle of who’s who in the UK scene. It didn’t get released when I wanted it to because there was a lot of politics going on behind the scenes that slowed the process down. The only other thing I was unhappy with was the fact that they called the CD version an album, because it had a few extras on which were previous releases. To set the record straight, I wanna let people know that my debut album is still yet to come and there’s no way I’d put someone else’s single or a feature that was released 2 years prior, on my debut album… That’s not my way of doing this!

Linking with Low Life was done via Harry Love. I linked with him through Deal Real’s open mic sessions and a little while later Braintax asked if he’d produce a track for ‘Biro Funk’ and then asked if Harry would be his DJ… Harry then suggested Joe should release a Mystro project as well as get me as his hypeman. Being that me and Harry were already crew, it made sense. I didn’t really know much of Brianz’s material so I just got him to tape all the tunes he wanted to perform and I learnt them and that’s how it happen…

Your collaborations with Braintax always work really well. Any more on the way?

Thanks… Yeh, more coming. Check the ‘Life Before 40’ LP. We’ve done a couple others but I dunno what’s going on with them yet.

‘On The Road’ talked of touring the globe. What country/scene did you enjoy visiting the most?

I gotta say Australia man… I love travelling period so wherever you put me I’m gonna have fun. But I’ve been there more than a couple times now, both with uncle Joe and on my own. And boy! I’m heading back there in a minute mutha luvaz. What can I say?(Follow the yellow brick road!).

When do you think a full Mystro album will drop and what would you like it to include?

I dunno when it will drop ‘cause this independant shit is hard to predict but I’m always working on stuff so you’ll be informed on when I feel I’ve got it together and ready to release… I don’t even know who’s gonna put it out yet… any suggestions? It’s gonna include that shit you lot know me for man… The shit that got me on Blak Twang’s ‘Kik Off’. The shit that got me on Rodney P’s debut, the shit that all you little clones out there try and replicate. The flows, the funk, the style. All of that…

I’m a humble guy and people who know me keep telling me that, but at the same time I’m fed up of hearing… ‘this one sounds like you’ or ‘that one is making a name off your style blud’... I’ve been getting told this since my first release! It’s time I addressed it ‘cause my belly’s still empty bruv…


What’s the most memorable Kungfu event that you’ve hosted over the years?

I’ve blazed a whole lot of goodness since the begining of Kung Fu man, so boy, that’s a hard one to remember, but the highlights have been the Raekwon night, ‘Chester P For Mayor’ night, Harry Love’s Birthday Bash when everyone who’s anyone performed… Oh shit, how could I forget the Mystro beach party? You know, the one where we bring the beach to the party, where two chicks came on stage and played tongue tennis! I think that one wins for me boy!

Do you miss the old KungFu venue of Underworld or are you feeling the classy Jazz Cafe vibes?

Yeh of course I miss it but you know, in order to stay in this game, you gotta move with the times and I feel people were getting bored with it in Underworld, even though they still turned up, so a move was needed. But I’m not too sure about Jazz Cafe yet… We’ll have to wait and see…

You take charge of the open mic on the night but how are you at the freestyling yourself?

I think I’m shit but I’ll still do it now and again ‘cause that’s just part of me as an MC… I’m not a specialist in that department but when it’s time for war, I’ll rap the blood out of you and the real heads. No, a battle aint working without the freestyles man… and I think when it comes to that shit, you have your good days and your bad.

How much time usually goes into penning your tight verses of punchlines?

As much as is needed. If I’ve gotta do the verse there and then to record, then so be it. I much prefer to take my time with writing but at the same time, I work well under pressure.

Is there a particular track or verse of yours which holds a special place in your memory?

They all do man! I gotta remember them shits for the shows my friend! There’s a whole load of shit in my life I don’t remember so if I can remember all them tunes, then they must be in a special place already…

Have you been involved in other areas of the culture such as graffiti writing or breaking?

I used to pop and break when I was like 8, ‘till around 12 with my God brothers, and then I dabbled in a bit of Graff but as soon as I learnt my first NWA tune, that was it for me man… ‘Mummy, I wanna be a rapper!’.

What’s the dopest UK release you bought in 2005 and what’s your tip for the top in 2006?

Er… Well the only UK release I bought was ‘Tide Arising’ by Mark De Clive Lowe… There’s not much Hiphop on there but it’s funky as hell man. A mixture of Jazz/Broken Beat/Funk/Soul and Hiphop to name a bit of it. Most of the releases in the UK get given to me for some reason, so I never end up buying it… is that bad? Anyway, I’d say my tip for the top is stay on your toes and…Lokk out mutha luvaz, it’s still the tip of the mysberg!

How can people keep up to date with the latest from you. Is there a website or anything?

I had a website but when the people hosting it for me didn’t renew it, some fool actually thought I’d pay them to get my domain name back! You can keep it prick! I got on the go, and I’m dealing with it myself so hit me up there for more info’.

Care to drop some words of wisdom or shout outs to wrap up on?

There’s so much to say but you know what? You’ll hear it in the music or read it at MySpace, whether it’s to do with featuring on your track for a pat on the back or to do with the state of Hiphop over here getting dumbed down like they’ve been doing in the states… Otherwise, much love to those showing support man. It’s always appreciated for real…

A peer that I grew up listening to in this biz reached out to me the other day and said he loved my work and that this aint the states, so people won’t let you know your good unless they’re benefiting from it. He mentioned other stuff which was so true and it touched me man… So I’m saying to anyone who ever gave me props for my music… Thank you, and of course much respect to RapNews for wasting web space on the ‘Natural Born Spitta’ that’ll run up in your house and pull my pance down just to take a crap in your dinner”... Peace

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5 Responses to “Mystro”

  1. Mayor Says:

    It’s all about NBS and anyone who’s seen them shit’s live can tell you that. Sheer energy personality and delivery!
    When you playing Cardiff next Mr.Mys. You owe my mate his belt back!!

  2. scatabrainz Says:

    Nice nterview man. Got the EP a while back, still spinnin it! When you coming to Scotia? Peace.

  3. Rich Says:

    Big up mystro Reminds me of Yungun, sick emcees both of em. whens the yungun interview rapnews

  4. Luke Says:

    I think Yungun’s one of the copy cat’s he was talking about… Mystro’s a lot bigger than Essa. At least Mystro knows how to rap about something other than women.

  5. Phlo Says:

    big up Mys, held it down in Reading for me when there was almost more artists than fans in the building lol Sign of a born performer who rock a crowd barely bigger than a group hug,