Gym Class Heroes- The Papercut Chronicles

January 27th, 2006

Gym Class Heroes are a four piece indie/hiphop band from upstate New York. Much of this, their debut album which follows on from a series of EP’s, is great material, showcasing a tight combination of live instrumentation with similarities to the UK’s own Rawdog. Lots of the songs are very atmospheric, whilst the vocals throughout are always strong, but of a typical New York underground quality rather than being anything extraordinary. There’s lots of story telling here and there, whilst most, if not all of the tracks, have head nodding beats which aren’t obviously performed live until the fact’s brought to your attention. ‘Make Out Club’s really enjoyable bass line, the guitar loop of ‘Taxi Driver’ and the pace of the ska flavoured ‘Cupids Chokehold’ confirms the collectives ability to create original and effective sounds which don’t rely on samples. There’s a strong suggestion that this act are fantastic on a stage and when the music is less hiphop orientated, the directions it goes in seems very natural and far from contrived, a fault in many a ‘live hiphop’ outfit. If The Roots or Rawdog are your thing, or you’re simply a little tired of more sample based music for the minute, this is certainly worth having a listen to.