Spank Rock- Rick Rubin

January 27th, 2006

A tribute song to such a legendary and important person as Rick Rubin should be a lot more impressive than the material here, never the less, the Big Dada Recordings release passes a few minutes and has some cool electronic noises throughout, sadly to the extent that the over processed vocals can’t be digested. The second track, ‘Girls And Boys’ is slightly less robotic and therefore more enjoyable, but it sounds like a pretty desperate attempt to be a mad scientist, rather than the work of a genuine sonic nut case. Big Dada should stick with Infinite Livez when they feel like releasing some entertaining leftfield material rather than this, and invest the rest of their time and money into more top notch stuff like their other artist Roots Manuva. Yeah the production is a bit different, but it sounds more like people pissing around with plugins on their laptop and rushing to create something with a few effect’s they’ve discovered, rather than guys in a studio who have invested time in working out how best to implement their discoveries.