Various- The Lost City

January 18th, 2006

Out on Kement Entertainment Records, ‘The Lost City’ is presented by Itch 105.1 FM, hosted by Mr Ti2bs and mixed by DJ Flip. It’s a seriously enjoyable release, with a very healthy track list of exclusives and freestyles. Early highlights are Wordsmith’s viciously rapped ‘Bring Out Your Dead’, and Asaviour’s chilled ‘Back & Forth’. The album ends on more high quality notes, including a huge chunk of freestyling by the likes of Kyza, Klashnekoff, Yungun & Doc Brown and Supar Novar.

At points, the microphone levels for the vocals in various tracks are different to one another, slightly weakening the album’s consistency. Also, some of the host’s talk over comments get irritating towards the end. They don’t elevate matters and would have been better left out. ‘Days Of Future Past’ by Tommy Evans feels a bit weak or out of place, but ‘Burn This’ produced beautifully by The Last Skeptik and featuring Verb T, Manage and Conflix, is a seriously nice highlight.

It’s good to see some lesser established names such as Sincere, Lazarus and Malone in the mix, all of whom hold their own well and showcase promising rap careers. Whatever type of UK hip-hop you’re into, you’re certain to gain enjoyment out of this release, which is right at the top end of UK mix CD’s released of late.