DJ Supreme Presents; Turntable Trixters. (Hijack 1986-1992)

January 15th, 2006

This DVD is a fantastic history lesson about one of the most important and influential UK hiphop groups to have ever put out music. With tons of first person accounts from main feature DJ Supreme, Ice T, Qbert, Blade, MC Mell-O and many more, the story of Hijack couldn’t have been documented any clearer, and that’s regardless of the low budget film quality, the shaky cam, the background noise and the editing.

The documentary starts at the beginning, detailing to a great extent, how Hijack met up with each other and how their crew developed. Chronologically, the viewer is taken on a step by step trip down memory lane, covering Ice T bringing Hijack into Rhyme Syndicate, record deals, what went down at shows and ultimately, how it all ended.

This highlights the extent to which Hijack were a major force, not merely within the UK, but also the states. There’s footage of a Scratch conference at which Qbert expresses immense respect and acknowledgement for DJ Supreme’s work. There’s the likes of Babu, Blak Twang, Africa Islam and Prime Cuts, also expressing the extent to which Hijack set up such a foundation upon which the UK scene sits on today.

This isn’t a Michael Moore docu-film. The quality is hit and miss and there’s a real lack of narration which would have pieced the hundreds of sound bites and pieces of footage together a lot more smoothly. That’s irrelevant though because regardless of presentation, this is a story which must be told.