Jack Flash- Living Legend

January 10th, 2006

Jack Flash is one third of Groundwurq Entertainment, a two MC and one producer crew who formed in Huddersfield in just 2003. They’re all signed to Klinik Records and this is Flash’s first release, and a very healthy one at that. Taken from his forthcoming album, this vinyl single features four new tracks implementing the production of Apa-tight.

‘Living Legend’ demonstrates skill and confidence over a developed and strong beat which is as good as the current standards of typical UK hiphop. The tempo is fast and there’s a strong presence of high energy. ‘4 Tha Headz’ features J-Simple and Apa-tight on vocals and is another dope track, this time with a strings orientated loop and a more basic drum pattern. The verses aren’t explicitly topic focused although do justify the title, in that it’s quality stuff which your average UK hiphop head should enjoy a lot. ‘Warning’ includes some nice warm horns and trumpet jabs which lay down the foundations for Flash to deliver some tight vocals which show passion and effort. ‘My Way’ ends the release and features Tha-Bo. It’s got a quite reflective mood to its production and the lyrics are reflective and fairly uplifting.

This release is very enjoyable, and more so because the space on the wax isn’t used up with acapella’s, clean edits or instrumentals, which is a good thing for a debut offering, as it provides more time for the artist to establish himself. Jack Flash evidently has skill and hasn’t wasted any time messing around. The tracks here show that he means business, and as he continues to develop, it’s likely he’ll be the creator of some very nice material. This is out through Klinik Records as of late Febuary.

5 Responses to “Jack Flash- Living Legend”

  1. Nathan Stoner Says:

    No doubt. Getting the respect that is deserved. More top quality stuff to come, and it’s only getting better…


  2. Mr Brimstone Says:

    Groundwurq are the shiznit! Look out for more dope Apa-Tight beats on forthcoming releases from the God Sir Smurf Lil! Don’t sleep on the next shit kiddies! Peace

  3. HEBDA Says:

    Yo! man kno me in HUDz!! an i used 2 go coll wiv Mr Flash! n if u dnt already kno tha dudes sick!
    “Big shouts to Rob, I do my research”

  4. MR PARKNSUN Says:

    Don’t get it twisted Groundwurq are the shit go and cop that shit now

  5. Jiga g Says:

    yo cant wait 4 the album…braaap