Yungun- Jackin’ For Breaks

January 10th, 2006

This 12” slab of wax features three tracks, all familiar but worth having in your record collection. ‘Jacking For Breaks’ is an entertaining track upon which Yungun drops a variety of flows and vibes over various big American beats cut together by UK production favourite Mr Thing. There’s an element of novelty but a bit of fun has never done anyone any harm.

The second track is a remix of ‘Dancing Shoes’ which sounds as fresh as the original, with vocals contributed by the rarely heard Devise and the always impressive Doc Brown. Things finish with a remix of ‘Games We Play’. This has a really cool and bouncy beat which sounds great turned up loud. Yungun’s vocals are as tight as usual and as with the whole release overall, is a great reminder of why he’s one of the most entertaining UK rappers, who we need more new material from, now!