Verb T & Harry Love- Delusion

January 7th, 2006

Out on Silent Soundz and taken from the forthcoming album ‘Bring It Back (2 Basics)’, this is a very tight three track single which sees the laid back rapper Verb T, link with one of the most celebrated UK hiphop producers, Harry Love. The title track ‘Delusion’ has a great beat with a really atmospheric loop of strings and a dope drum pattern. The vocals match this really well and Love’s scratching here and there, along with Verb’s catchy hook and solid verses makes for an extremely nice listen which is high quality stuff.

‘Make It Hott (Please)’ is another banger, on which Verb T’s rapping faster than you’ve probably ever heard him. He’s put his sleepy and laid back vibes to one side here to create a little more energy. The beat is quite busy but extremely enjoyable, and a great appetiser of the pairing’s forthcoming album together. Mystro, Sarah Jan, Dam, Yungun and Harry himself, make a small contribution to the faintly chanted hook, whilst the verses are battle orientated.

The release’s final track is ‘Hypnotizm’. The production’s a little different in sound to the previous tracks but no less dope. It’s a head nodding affair with a simple but effective loop that includes a really cool electronic sound. Verb T sounds quite awake on here in comparison to his other material. The subject matter’s focused on ladies and ego, whilst the chorus of scratching tops the verses off nicely.

In conclusion, this is a very healthy single release and a loud indication of the quality and entertainment which the future material will generate. It’s nice to hear a bunch of beats by Love in one place and it seems like Verb T is continuing to develop and up his game.