Example- I Don’t Want To / Loneliness Costs

December 20th, 2005

This 12” release, out in February, features the rapping of Fulham’s Example and the production of Rusher. It’s the freshest and most enjoyable release to land on the desk of Rapnews this year, and there’s a great chance you’ll agree if you’re into story telling based rhymes over traditional yet exciting sample based beats, which together build two entertaining pieces of music which speak to many, orbiting universal scenarios through the telling of personal observations.

‘I Don’t Want To’ is at times a tongue in cheek account of a series of events the narrator has with a girl, whilst ‘Loneliness Costs’ skilfully samples ‘One’ by Harry Nilsson and voices the concern of a friend turning to the white stuff to get over a broken heart. This is the type of music which people are likely to relate to deeply with ease. It’s a snap shot of a generation perhaps, and there’s lots of cultural and every day references including a Dyson’s hoover to boot!

Whilst broadsheet culture vultures make Chav heroes out of The Streets and co. it’s with Example that we hear a clear ability to write and rap songs with substance that everyone needs to listen to, quickly. Rarely does a two track slab of wax stir such hunger for more of the same. Support this to the fullest. This is the truth!

5 Responses to “Example- I Don’t Want To / Loneliness Costs”

  1. Pidge Says:

    Beta Band use the same sample on their track ‘Won’. I gotta say the Beta Band version was so much sicker, and that’s all i can hear when I listen to this track.

  2. Apple_Crumble Says:

    Where can i get a coppy!!??
    Not at suspect packages or Deal Real so where?

    Some one please tell me…. I need this tune

  3. Simon in Tottenham Says:

    Quality is all I can say about this track.

  4. fight the greedy record companies Says:

    To get this track one word- Limewire
    although there is only one copy on there

  5. allie Says:

    single out today at hmv or to download online – already got my copy!