Eibol-Karma Kingdom

December 17th, 2005

‘Karma Kingdom’ is the debut album by Fingerprint Records main man and Neanderthal Youth member Eibol. Having heard the dope Neanderthal Youth material a while ago, I was pretty excited to hear that there were solo projects coming out of the crew, and that enthusiasm has been met with a solid and entertaining release. Almost the entire project is produced by Eibol himself, with some dope scratching, guitar and saxophone thrown into the mix. There’s a variety of vibes, from the fast paced ‘Burnin’ to the reflective ‘Grounded’ and atmospheric ‘Peel The Nikes’ of a story telling orientation. The production and lyrical content of ‘Dedication’ combines to create a really enjoyable and fairly emotional listen which escalates as the song progresses. ‘No Love Lost’ is another deep track which offers another insight into the person behind the product. It’s a wonder why Eibol isn’t a lot bigger than he is because this release is extremely solid and shows talent and skill at every corner. If you like dope underground hiphop from the US, with passion and intelligence, look no further than this very fulfilling LP. For more information check out www.eibol.net

3 Responses to “Eibol-Karma Kingdom”

  1. Ace the Grappler Says:

    Nice review! This is a talented dude…You’ll always get more than your money’s worth, with Eibol Music! Peace Eibol & Fingerprint Records…Keep it movin!


  2. Yo Mumma! Says:

    Just wait for the Eibol FH 7” yo,this shit will blow harder than Grannies and Geezers!
    Youve been warned

  3. Sbusiness Says:

    Really nice lp, I hope I’ll hear more from Eibol in the future, but for now, Karma kingdom is dope !