Filthy Habits gets vexed

December 13th, 2005

Filthy Habits are back with the goodness. Another decent 7” to add to the collection of their already banging catalogue. This time round it’s Luton based V.E.X. Included will be the tracks ‘Sex Tape’ (Cuts by Grazzhoppa), ‘Luton Speaks’, ‘You Can do this (Hold on)’ and ‘Brap Brap Brap!’ (Cuts by DJ Moodie). Look out for this in Jan 2006. In the meantime, keep your eyes pealed for the second V.E.X mix CD which follows the volume one which impressed and woke up quite a lot of heads. Also, check out the V.E.X exclusive on Rapnews Audio, and the first ever V.E.X q&a on Rapnews Interviews!