Sway- Little Derek

December 8th, 2005

Out of all Sway material released to date, this perhaps tastes the most like marmite. Sway devotee’s will lap this up, and those who have yet to delve into the hype surrounding the artist, are likely to remain sceptical. It’s not wack, but it’s certainly not anywhere near the quality and entertainment levels of the artist’s previous stuff. It doesn’t contain the humour and wit which the press release claims and includes a really annoying delivery style, where the last word of each sentence is dropped in the same swooping up pitch. This doesn’t provide for more than one or two playback’s of the song, and there’s already a hint of Sway becoming a parody of himself, implementing that breathy style at points which is already getting tiring. The beat though is dope, and could have been the evocative soundscape upon which Sway could have dropped a really emotional and therefore high impacting number, which his huge potential of talent is certainly capable of. To view the video, visit www.littlederek.com

One Response to “Sway- Little Derek”

  1. Yasmyn Says:

    this tune is soooo nang!