C-Mone- Second After Second/Article 5

December 7th, 2005

Ahead of the full length debut album dropping in February, Son Records give us this great single release from Nottingham’s, and quite possibly the whole of England’s freshest female rapper. ‘Second After Second’ is produced by The Marga Boyz and is a heavy tune in which the artist raps very confidently. There’s a catchy and quite positive chorus whilst the verses are all tight, showing C-Mone easing through blocks of dope lyrics with ease. The song has a really cool bridge which isn’t often heard on UK hiphop tracks which tend to just be obsessed with a loop from start to finish. ‘Article 5’ is produced by Ill-Mannered Productions and begins atmospherically. The lyrics of the track are impressive, in essence of the same typical UK hiphop political stance that we’ve heard so often, but which deliver the sentiments with far more impressive lines than most. The flow in which she does this is great, with lots of expressive ranges in the tone and the rhyme scheme mixed up throughout. Overall, this is a very tasty appetiser for the forthcoming album. C-Mone has tons of talent to really wake some people up as to who she is, and it looks like this’ll be done without any compromises to her art eg. becoming an rnb singer to get on TV.