Late- The Villainous One

July 10th, 2005

Late has been releasing music since 1999. He’s a member of Wolftown Commitee, dropped ‘International Rhyme Spittin’ in 2004, and released six mixtapes with his ‘Underground Exposure’ series.

This new release is on Wolftown Recordings, and follows a mixtape well received in the states, as well as his hosting of Tricksta’s UK Runnings
mixtapes. The long 26 track CD seems very much aimed at a crunk loving American audience, has little variety in terms of production, and has very few tracks which call for further playback.

Late’s flow is fairly slow, and quite simplistic. In comparison to many rappers in the UK scene, listeners may be left feeling a little bored and
hungry. Complex rhyming styles aren’t a requirement, and basic methods of rapping can aid music when the lyrics are of a high quality. Unfortunately here, the majority of the subject matter across the whole CD is concerned with ego and status.

Scattered in between the tracks, are three or four extremely pointless interludes, which doesn’t help with the already uncomfortable listen. ‘Which
Manor R U From?’ contains a very uninspiring hook whilst ‘In The UK’s production has southern impersonation programmed all over it.

Ironically named, ‘Grimey’ has one of the most listenable beats on the CD, alongside what is easily the stand out track of the CD, and miles above the rest ‘Stay Serious’ which has some simple cord changes which seem all the more refreshing amongst the rest of the album’s mechanical and computerized vibes.

There are way too many tracks here, and not enough quality control or variety. It’s hard to believe that an intention to create an album was present whilst this material was created and compiled, as it of far too little substance. Late has a listenable voice. He isn’t the worst rapper in the world. Only this time round, the production is pants and the lyrics are weak.