Blaktrix- Trust

November 30th, 2005

‘Trust’ is Blaktrix’s second EP, out on Dial Up Records and contains six tracks in all, providing a variety of lyrical approaches and angles of production. Whilst the opening track ‘Friday Night Fight’ has got a very long winded introduction, it’s a head nodding affair when it gets going, using some cool choices of drums and some heavy guitar. ‘Right To Reply’ is far more chilled but equally enjoyable, with a nice gentle loop which suits the rapper’s quite unique voice of deep and semi smooth sounds. ‘Night And Day’ features Junior Disprol and feels like an old skool beat in some respects thanks to its short but funky sample in the loop. The vocals are tight, demonstrating ease in the artist’s method of getting the words out. ‘Knowledge Of Self’ is of a quite hard boombap style that has some quite futuristic sound effects throughout. It features a solid contribution by Humarak D Gitty. ‘Them Or Us’ has a fierce head nodding loop that creates a strong and dramatic atmosphere, whilst the EP’s final track ‘Lean’ has some really cool flute, an impressive flow and some economic female vocals which add a great finishing touch. The producers are Stagga on three tracks with the other three beats handled by Rola and Numbskillz. Overall, this is a very solid release, a strong progression in comparison to the solid debut EP, and a further example of Blaktrix’s worth as an artist.