Grade One- Grade One’s Beats

November 30th, 2005

‘Grade One’s Beats’ is a collection of ten tracks that the Foot Soldiers beat maker has created. Each track includes the acapella of a well known US song by the likes of Pharrel, Mobb Deep, Nas, LL Cool J, Obie Trice and G-Unit. Much of the material is solid, offering a polished and crisp sound. Some of the songs have depth rather than just repeating a short loop for the entire few minutes, and all of the numbers are of an atmospheric nature. Making something as good as the originals was always going to be a tough task though, and the efforts come short most of the times. However, that’s not to take away from a good effort that shows promise. Let’s get a Volume Two going Grade One, and put some UK rappers on there, as most of the acapella choices aren’t that great to start with.