Tony D

November 24th, 2005

Tony D

We caught up with the Poisonous Poets member to talk about his crew, future projects, inspirations, the BMG deal, the scene and lots more.

First up, please introduce yourself to our readers.

My names Tony D aka Paddy Black reppin’ the Double P click.

Where are you from and how long have you been serious about making music?

I’m from East London and I been serious about this since I realized I’m better than Reveal! Nah, seriously though, since I realized that what we do as Poisonous is better than 99% of what’s out there right now.

What were some of the first records or artists that inspired you to rhyme yourself?

Ice Cube, NWA, Straight Outta Compton, Redman and Ras Kass. There’s others I favour but those are the stand out ones.

How did you hook up with the other members of Poisonous Poets and become a full time member of the crew?

I bumped into Rev’ and Doc at a freestyle event in Clapham common. We forged the alliance from there and started working together. Then we kinda came to the realization that what we were dealing with wasn’t just your normal run of the mill rap. I felt we had something special going on. Revs already knew Therapist for years and it was just a logical conclusion that he should come into the fold too. We spent a period of about a year just kicking around ideas until we cemented the relationship by officially forming Poisonous. The name just was the icing on the cake because it just described us and what we do perfectly. Even though we had such a tight unit as it was, when we met Lowkey and Stylah and heard what they were working with it just felt natural for them to be included in the camp.

Is there ever any competition amongst the members of Poisonous. I can imagine it getting quite competitive between so many quality rappers?

Haha. I don’t feel competitive. It’s more like a feeling of being kept on my toes and making sure I can match the quality.

When you guys are together do you cypher much and who tends to come out best on the freestyle tip?

To be honest, it’s not really a regular ting like that. Sometimes we just start freestyling but it’s more like someone will rhyme a few bars and the rest will jus build off it with syllables and wordplay. It’s a vibes ting.

How comes you’re the only crew member that doesn’t use an artist name?

Haha. ‘cause my name’s Tony! You don’t meet peoples mums and say ‘Hi, I’m Mc such and such’. The D stands for Dangerous ‘cause I’m hazardous to people’s careers, and also Diamond ‘cause I’m your girl’s best friend!

Almost all the other guys have put out solo releases now. What’s been holding you up?

My legs. Haha. I’m a lazy fucker. But seeing Doc do his ting brought it closer to home that it is achieveable. Think it’s time I dipped my toe in the water.

Tell us about your projects and what people can expect from them.

You can expect Poison. I’m currently working on my solo project but that’s just being formulated as we speak. The next project you’ll see hit the road is gonna be the next Poisonous mix CD. Watch out for that coming soon. Sicker and more fly than bird flu!

Is the crew as a whole going to put out an album any time soon?

Right now we’re just concentrating on droppin mix CDs to take over the roads. When the Poisonous LP’s gonna come, you’ll definatly know. It’s gonna be something special.

To what extent do you feel the BMG deal that you guys were once signed to, delayed your development and career as artists?

It just delayed the inevitable really, but I tend to look at the whole ting as a learning process ‘cause through the BMG situation, we got to see certain things and how tings work behind the scene. I mostly got good memories from it. Lived a bit of the rap life for a minute! Most of all, what I took away from the experience is that I realized that only we can be responsible for ourselves and the direction that we move in.

Do you feel a sense of anticipation, having seen the other guys drop releases that have been received by the scene so well?

Yea I do. I hope my shit is just as well received. It’s a lot to live up to. I’m quietly confidant that I can do it and most of all I’m glad that people recognize what this camp is capable of. ‘Cause they really aint seen nothing yet.

Everything about ‘The Document’ had success and quality written all over it. How disheartening was it to the crew when it didn’t do as amazing as it clearly should have?

Rap is Doc’s day job and in the UK scene that’s a success in itself. In terms of commercial success, it might not have been pushed the way that it deserved, but it enabled Doc to take it to the stage that I hope to take it to. It’s straight out the top drawer. Solid from start to finish.

What do you feel you bring to the crew and how would you generally describe your rapping style and its lyrical content?

I brought an apple today! Haha. Dunno really. It’s all about punchlines, wordplay and rhyming patterns with me. Jus tryin’ to come as tight and
consistent as possible.

What other heavyweight UK crews do you rate and what’s the most decent UK hiphop release you’ve copped lately?

You mean there’s other heavyweight crews besides Poisonous? Haha. I’m feeling Terra Firma. Skinny’s doing his ting. Truth be told, I don’t listen to that much Hip Hop period! But tha last tings I copped were Lowkey’s ‘Key To The Game Part 3’. Stylah ‘Prince Of Thieves’ mix CD and Reveal’s ‘What Estate R U From’ 12‿. Can you believe them fuckers made me pay for them!

Outside of the double P crew, what rappers and producers would you most appreciate the opportunity to work with?

My bredrin Face. T, I’m tryin’ to coax him outta retirement! Also, Klashnekkof and Kyza. Biggs too. I know he’s crew but I’m feeling Stylah. He’s something else! Like I say, I don’t listen to much hip hop outside my camp.

Have you got any shout out’s you wanna make?

Shout out Face. T and Castro. All them non internet having guys like Fudge n them. Big up my Poisonous Poets. Every last one of them. Go and cop Lowkey’s CD ‘KTTG3’ and Stylah’s ‘Prince Of Thieves’ CD. Also, check for Reveal’s video now on Channel U. You can vote for it by textin’ 599 to 89800.

Many thanks for your time. Much appreciated.

Anytime mate. Peace…

2 Responses to “Tony D”

  1. PrisonKat Says:

    Sick bastard flows like Meth !

  2. Natasha Hamlet (Tony D's lil sis) Says:

    Leave me a message big bro
    when will u cum and see me and jem and dad and nan again?