Fat Club ready new double LP

November 23rd, 2005

On the 15th of January, Fat Club will release a double CD album in similar fashion to ‘Speakerboxxx/The Love Below’ by Outkast. Disc one will be the solo album ‘Destroy All Heroes’ by Mr Monk featuring Turroe (FC), Junior Disprol (Dead Residents), Probe Mantis (Aspects), Ramathon, Nayfe, Sam Otis & Rosco (Lowercase) & Rola (Numskullz). Disc two is ‘Steve Gough: Still Startin’ Shit’ by Turroe featuring Mr Monk (FC), Junior Disprol (Dead Residents), Lews Tewns (Wonky Wax), Milestone (Cohorts) & Rola (Numskullz). Also in the works from the guys is a documentary exploring Bristol’s hip-hop scene packed with live footage, interviews and lots more. Oh, and if you’re into horror novels, holla at Mr Monk who has penned his own spooky novel!