Micall Parknsun- The Working Class Dad

November 13th, 2005

A joint release between Lowlife and Sit Tight Records, ‘The Working Class Dad’ is a collection of twelve solid tracks by Parknsun, produced by the likes of LG, Beat Butcher and the rapper himself. Things kick off with ‘Welcome’ which is an appropriate intro track which has a loop including some cool flute by Biscuit. It’s by no means a weak start, but in later reflection of the other album tracks, it could have been a lot stronger to kick things off with.

‘So What’ has a real nice beat which Micall P begins lacing with some 50 Cent style hook singing. The delivery of the verses and their content present the artist as being confident and hungry, making this the real introductory track, whilst ‘I Don’t Wanna Stay Here’, featuring D.Ablo and more flute by Biscuit, implements some nice soul samples whilst listeners are offered a quite clear picture of Micall’s personality. D. Ablo’s vocals are really chilled, adding a nice atmospheric element to the track.

The Apa-Tight produced ‘Huncry’ featuring Dubbledge increases the energy quite a bit with an opening verse which sounds remarkably like Wordsmith who appears later on in the album. The tempo of the track is fairly fast and the production is tight, using a heavy drum pattern and some classy strings. The chorus adds a lot to this number, helping it feel like quite the anthem. ‘Did It’ has a quite simple beat but its nice and bouncy and really works. As the title suggests, the subject is of a mildly boastful nature but nothing that’s overly egotistical. There’s a few decent one liners and Parknsun’s flow seems a lot more impressive here than on earlier tracks. ‘Combo’ features a second album appearance by the impressive newcomer Dubbledge, showcasing really nice and polished self production and lots of personality. The two guys sound good next to each other on record and should certainly work together again.

The album’s second slice of wax starts with ‘No Frills’ which begins with some sampled in film dialogue. The violin on the beat is quite cool whilst Parknsun is in confident mood. As the track progresses, there’s an almost shouted chorus which sounds particularly strong. ‘Saltish And Accie’ is the strangely named track which a lot of listeners will be dropping the needle on from the minute of purchase, because of the appearances of the top end UK rappers Wordsmith, Kyza and his fellow Terra Firma crew member Skriblah. Everything about this track is nice, with each of the vocalists dropping high quality verses over an extremely enjoyable production. It’s tough to call but Wordsmith probably delivers best. As with every single Kyza track of the past few years, the guy generates a lot of thirst for his long awaited solo projects.

‘The Guns Of Navarone’ features Jehst and is produced by LG. There’s a quite strange but well pulled off sample that starts things off slowly. Once the beat drops and the first hook is delivered, it’s head nodding right to the end. Citizen Smif’s verses are very solid and clear demonstrations of why it is he’s so celebrated within the scene. Micall Parknsun, in Wordsmith style mode again, drops a heavy verse which is one of his more impressive of the album.

‘The Artform’ has some cool wordplay over a chilled flute based beat. The hook of cuts and samples is pretty jazzy. ‘Hidden Heavenz’ features Sorcerer & D.Ablo. It’s an utterly soulful and relaxing affair which is an LP highlight. The lyrics are of quite a personal nature and laid down in passionate style. The flow sounds really nice and D.Ablo’s chorus is sung wonderfully. The album ends with the title track which is the most energetic and fast paced track of the LP. Micall Parknson demonstrates with ease that he can handle this speed as well as the other more laid back approaches.

Overall, the album is certainly very solid and the rapper is not only a confident and fully able vocalist, but a very impressive and entertaining producer, contributing lots of tracks which incorporate strings that create a very classy and many times chilled vibe. There’s not too much content which focuses explicitly on particular topics, which would have been nice to hear and get a better sense of who the rapper is in the process. D.Ablo’s appearances show him in very promising light, whilst the Terra Firma crew and Jehst appearances could have been spread out a little to make the track listing slightly more balanced. It would have been cool if label owner Braintax contributed a beat or two, which Parknsun’s style would have gelled with really well, but there’s nothing to really fault about this release, which the die hard Lowlife Records fan base will surely love. As always with the label, there’s the high calibre guest appearances, the smart package and the quality control. It’s worth noting that there’s no skits or fillers on this at all.

4 Responses to “Micall Parknsun- The Working Class Dad”

  1. ad hoc Says:

    I got the Working class dad Album and Micall Parknsun sounds like Micall Parknsun? Wordsmith sounds like Wordsmith? And the Album sounds hot!
    I’ve never heard anyone else with his tone or style and this album is one of the best I’ve heard all year

  2. bruva bray Says:

    micall parknsun…. working class dad should be promoted alot more…!
    i tell you there a some hugeee acts in the UK!
    if they were exploited more, UK music scene would be soo much more better.

  3. SG2010 Says:

    Amazing album, amazing rappers and amazing producers. Rockin’

  4. ill flow Says:

    i agree. micall parknsun is dope. i actually tried to get in touch with him when i was touring the UK this month but it didn’t fall thru but if ya’ll wanna see him live he’s supposed to perform @ The Social on November 15th!


    ps. aiyo micall, holla at me!