Verb T & Juice- I’m Not That Guy

November 12th, 2005

The CD version of the ‘I’m Not That Guy’ EP is jam packed with tons of material which constantly demonstrates a very impressive ability to produce in Juice, and a solid, confident and interesting rapper in Verb T. If listeners aren’t familiar with one or both of these guys before this release, they’re certainly going to want to be after this play through. All of the beats sound well developed and polished whilst the lyrics, executed in a quite deep voice that has an easy and natural flow, are worth following, offering a clear portrait of their executer.

There’s tons of different topics explored throughout the tracks, presenting Verb T as a down to earth, reflective and thoughtful guy. Imagine Yungun if you will, with less ego. That’s not to say he’s a big head, but to give you an idea of Verb’s humble manner and similarities in providing concise song ideas. There’s no desperate attempt to act hard and scary, nor is there much of the cliche’d political moans of working class life.

‘Try To Remember’ is a really laid back summer jam, ‘Be True’ uses some nice flute, ‘Life Is Rigged’ is a quite reflective and down in the dumps track, and ‘Fresh Air’ offers just that. There’s a very humourous skit called ‘Truso’ and a really jazzy vibe on ‘So On And So On’ whilst the title track is a defensive response to people trying to take advantage, over another fairly jazzy beat with a really head nodding drum loop and catchy chorus.

As good as the whole CD is, it’s kind of a shame this isn’t a full length album affair because its obvious that the vocals suit the production and vice versa, and the result of a proper album, free of skits and short bits of tracks, would be great stuff. You can pick this up on Just make sure you avoid their worryingly addictive arcade games.