Ruffstylz- Lyrics

November 12th, 2005

Out on Associated Minds, quickly becoming one of the most consistent and interesting UK labels, comes this collection of twelve tracks plus bonus cuts that range from entirely original material alongside numbers that have been heard before. The intro borrows Nas’s ‘Thieves Theme’ beat and gets crazily cool at the end with film dialogue of The Matrix woven in. The self produced ‘Talking In The Air’ has a very impressive beat which the artist drops fresh and entertaining vocals over. There’s a sense of urgency in the rapping style which executes captivating lyricism through tempo’s and pitches that frequently vary.

The Optimus Prime produced ‘The Yo Yo’ has a bouncy and original angle that really lives up to its name, whilst ‘Rhymes I Die’ showcases Ruffstylz’s ability to easily flip up the way he sounds on record. ‘Don’t Fuck’ which is produced by the outstanding Breaknecks member Harry Macadam, hears Ruff letting words flow off his tongue as easy as water drips from a tap. ‘Silence Ain’t Golden’ has pretty vivid imagery, ‘Desire’ is extremely dramatic at points, ‘Voices Of War Verse’ is lifted from a Humarak D Gritty release, and ‘Cyclone And Hurricane Wrestling’ implements a simple and under stated beat. ‘Live’ marks the end of the track list with a high tempo and very busy vibe.

From the first to last verses and loops, listeners are going to come across things that really grip hold of their attention span. Role on a full length release with a focus on being an album, because going on this, it’ll be fire.