Dirty Diggers- Freakishly Strong

November 10th, 2005

Dirty Diggers aren’t the most amazing lyricists or rappers and their production isn’t exactly ground breaking or innovate. Yet, this album is one of the freshest releases in a long time, and certainly one of the most suitably named albums the UK hiphop scene has ever generated. It’s a little hard to pin point what’s so great about it at first, but after a few spins, which are each entertaining and valuable experiences due to the disc’s high playback values, the winning factors that the duo possess modestly make themselves aware.

Through a variety of songs that touch upon a different topic each time, it becomes clear that Young Max from Yorkshire and Pat Stash from East London are simply interested in one thing, and that’s making quality music with no pretension, to practice their obvious passion for hiphop. The fun that they’ve had making the material is infectious. Many of the tracks use memorable samples that float about in the head long after hearing, such as the mildly Eastern ‘Drink’ which is a story telling number about alcohol. The retrospective ‘Same Old’ offers a very laid back atmosphere whilst the quite emotional ‘Will You’ explores thoughts of friendship, integrating a sample which is used perfectly.

Tracks from the ‘Diggers Don’t Get Days Off’ and ‘Freakishly Strong’ EP’s make the numbers up for this to be considered a CD album, but it all sits perfectly together, creating an overall feeling of on point quality control. The CD includes a couple of cool music videos and has some bright and smart art work. Without once coming across as tired and predictable, Dirty Diggers give a performance that is down to earth, captivating, entertaining and fields apart from most other releases this year. With mornings getting greyer and colder by the day, this on the Ipod is sure to help us see winter through.

2 Responses to “Dirty Diggers- Freakishly Strong”

  1. Jim Says:

    These guys are dorks

  2. John Says:

    These guys AINT ‘dorks’ this jim dude is chattin shit. Dirty Diggers bust sum gud shit