Princess Superstar- My Machine

November 5th, 2005

‘My Machine’ is the new single and title track from Princess Superstar’s recent concept album. It’s a light hearted affair, with quite computerish and industrial sounding production. The song pulls in the idea which spans her entire new LP which is of a very imaginative orientation. Her rhyming ability is fairly tight, with many words squeezed into the verses. The chorus is the strong point of the track, sounding quite atmospheric and spacey. Superstar sings it, with the help of some vocal treatment which sounds pretty robotic and entertaining. It’s hard to say who is the audience of this material. It’s not really suited for the club and it isn’t laid back enough to chill out to after a hard day at work. Most probably, it’s someone who’s taste is of a more left field orientation, who enjoyed past releases from the Gorillaz or the Deltron3030 project.