October 24th, 2005


DJ and producer Kam spared us some time to talk about some of the records he’s dropped, his recent Lowlife mix CD, and forthcoming projects.

First up, can ya introduce yourselves to our readers and tell us what you do?

My name is Kam. I’m a DJ, producer, record collector and I work at Low life Records.

How long have you been involved in hip-hop and what were some of your early favorite artists and personalities?

I guess you can say I’ve been involved in hip hop since ‘95, when I started working at Mr Bongos record store, but I’ve been ‘into’ hip hop since ‘86-’87… Early favorite artists and personalities would include Mantronix, Marley Marl, Rocksteady Crew, Captain Rock, Gangstarr, Jazzy Jay, Africa Bam, Spider D, 45 King, Mike Alan, Run DMC, LL Cool J. Erm, we could be here all day really!

Where abouts are you based and how do you rate your local hip-hop scene?

I’m based in South East London so I guess ‘my scene’ is London! There is a lot going on here. Lots of crews doing their thing. I think it’s a healthy scene, just like any other city in the UK.

What are the main releases which you have been involved in and which of these are you most proud of?

I guess the first ones we did like the ‘Return of the DJ’ track (bomb records) and ‘On Wax’ (Om Records)... Well, really I’m proud of them all really. To me they’re all great achievements.

How did you come to be involved with the new ‘Life Before 40’ compilation on Lowlife Records?

Well, while we were selecting the tracks we thought it would be a nice addition to the project if there was a Bonus CD which had all the tracks mixed. I DJ so it made sense that I step up to the challenge.

What do you reckon is the all time classic Lowlife Records track?

For me ‘Return Of The Drifter’ EP. That turned my head when I heard that! There’s others too like ‘Showbitchness’, ‘98 Series’, ‘The Grip’. There’s loads more.

What do you think is the dopiest mix related CD of all time?

Mmm..ermm..hmm… Q-bert ‘Pre School Breaks’ is a killer. So is Babu’s ‘Comprehension’... There’s a DJ Riz Mix that Westwood used to play around 93-94, also the old Jazzy Jay tapes were ill.

What equipment are you using to work your magic?

I use 2 x SL1200’s, sure needles, vestax pro 05, mackie desk, fostex hard drive, sp1200, s950, roland 202, some compressors and effects out board, tascam CDR, Pioneer CDJ (relax DJ’s it’s a good tool!), JBL speakers, sony remix headphones, and 10 thousand records plus.

Tell us about some of your forthcoming projects and when we can expect them to drop.

Well as Beyondthere (that’s me, Huw72 and Tommy Koi aka Huw and Tom from Bongos!) we’re working on 3+ LP’s with Binkis, L*Ron, Jehst and Yungun, Mr Complex, Tumi and a producers LP! That’s a lot of work and they’re on going projects… I’ve also just finished part 2 of the Low Life CD which will be on the cover of Hip Hop Connection at Christmas. And I’ve done a track with Joe. Im always continuing to make beats, work on some more 7” release’s with an LP to follow and work on new Mix CDs… And release more limited treats on my Netgroove label (Peep the Braintax instrumentals, Last Skeptik Feat Sway and SkinnyMan and DJ Flip 7”)... Oh and if you wanna buy some rareness, check out my ebay auctions (user ID netgroove). Is that cheaky?

Are you signed to a particular label and how did that situation arise?

No.. But all the Beyondthere stuff will be on Huw’s Label 72 Records. And I’ve had releases on various other labe;s like Meifumado.

If dreams could come true, what hiphop names would we see you working with on a project?

Wow erm… Grandmaster Caz, De La Soul, Redman, Gift of Gab, Organised Konfusion, Large Professor, DJ Premier, Showbiz. There’s loads.

Have you ever been involved in other elements of the hip-hop culture?

Haha… Breaking, badly. Graf, badly. Rapping, shit. Beatbox, when I’m Drunk!

Have you got any shout out’s or plugs you’d like to drop?

Yeah, shouts to you for the interview and everyone doing their thing! Oh,web shouts to


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    Alrite Kam, Nick here, Kate’s eldest, fair play to your site, Well Sound ! Nice to see ya doing well for yaself…..All the best…..

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    Kam! good stuff ~ impressed! catch up with you one day….....

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    hay kam this is kam halla


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