Foreign Beggars- Hold On

October 18th, 2005

Hold On

We’ve got hold of the great video for ‘Hold On’ by Foreign Beggars, featuring Skinnyman. Come inside and ch-check it out!

In 2003 Dented Records released one of the more celebrated UK hiphop albums, ‘Asylum Speakers’ by Foreign Beggars. The album was extremely solid, including guest features by Tommy Evans, Dr. Syntax, Taskforce, Wayne Wonda and many more. One of the most entertaining collaborations was ‘Hold On’ which featured Mud Fam’s Skinnyman. The up-tempo track soon became a scene favourite. Whilst we wait for the release of the fantastic ‘Let It Go’ featuring Wildchild, from the forthcoming second album, here’s the video for that classic tune. Patience is a virtue, and this video is well worth waiting to load. Enjoy!

For more information on Foreign Beggars, check out where you can find out the gang’s latest tour dates and buy all of their releases.

If you can’t see the video, you’ll need to download the Quicktime player.

4 Responses to “Foreign Beggars- Hold On”

  1. Eyt Yung Teem Says:

    were tha fuckin yung teem

  2. Eyt Yung Teem Says:

    fuckin skinnyman fuckin safe blubs brrrraaaaaaaaappppppppp

  3. Eyt Yung Teem Says:

    safe bluds we are goin 4 a ZUT

  4. Jennaaaa Says:

    does anyone know if the line quite near the beginning says “charge next man ten pound for potato” we cant work it out and I have a pint bet on it. Amazing song love FB saw them in Liverpool just last week