Nicci Cheeks Presents- Hiphop Love Jazz

October 16th, 2005

If you like hip-hop with a hint of jazz, you’re going to be holding this CD up as one of your favourites. It’s an excellent compilation of some of the most chilled out and relaxing tracks I’ve heard in a while. There’s stuff by Wordsworth, Kev Brown, Roddy Rod, Cut Chemist, J Rawls and tons more, and it’s all high quality underground stuff. An early album highlight is ‘Miss January’ by The Procussions which is produced by Stro. It features a remarkable Talib Kweli soundalike over some really nice soft drums and a great sample. ‘It Aint You’ by Wordsworth, produced by Belief is very mild and of a sensual sound. The light vocal style of Words falls smoothly onto the beat like liquid, to present a predictably great story telling series of verses. Later highlights, which are hard to name because the compilation is cemented in consistency, includes ‘Sunshowers’ by Dent which may not be a familiar name, but should be with an interesting personality driven rhyme style. ‘Mona Lisa’ by Pudge has a really laid back vibe like most numbers here, which uses a saxaphone to moving effect. ‘Course Of My Life’ is a reflective track by El Da Sensei produced by P.Original. J Rawls is joined by Liquid Crystal Project and BJ Digby to finish the album with ‘Remember When’ produced by Rawls himself. It’s a nice beat which includes some hand clapping, really nice bass and verses packed with words. If everyone on the hiphop scene listened to this album, it’d be a much calmer and peaceful community. This is the perfect CD to unwind to and let that stress melt away.

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  1. Chris McConnell Says:

    The pros are so talented, but they used to be Christians! I guess they were a little too talented for their own good…