@irklipz- Free

October 16th, 2005

This rapper hasn’t got the most amazing voice or flow, nor does he show much talent in the way of lyricism. The beats sound very much computer generated, and have blatantly been created to try and sound like commercial US production. All in all this album is fairly dull and I’m afraid to say, worth little attention.

For an opening track titled ‘Who Am I?’ one would expect a lot more passion. This should be where the artist proudly presents himself worthy of the listener not pressing eject. A scroll down the 20 song long track listings, the power button becomes quite attractive. ‘Make A Move’ has a welcomed faster pace but the chorus is really weak and the verses show hints of a yanky twang. The club track ‘Get Your Money’ is listenable whilst ‘Free’ seems to be trying to inspire, but fails with its lack of conviction and soul. The ego and boasting based ‘Coming With It’ see’s the rapper claim to be like nobody in the UK. Hmmm.

‘Over The Bridge’ begins with some atmospheric and quite chilled guitar. This is promising, but the quite average sung vocals put a downer on things. Luckily the singing doesn’t last long and @irkklipz delivers one of the best verses of the whole CD. The flow is appropriate, the lyrics are interesting and match the beat nicely, and there’s something for the listener to actually get their teeth into. It shows the artist’s ability in a much brighter light and generates a sense of disappointment that there isn’t more of this quality material included on the release.

Tracks like ‘Air Brit Hop’ featuring Guy, ‘Scarface 2Gs’, ‘Money Talks’ featuring Mr Prince again, ‘Anyone’, ‘Livin The Life’, ‘Down With’ and ‘Ride’ simply sound too similar to each other and generic. They’re not awfully wack but they simply bring nothing to the table worth taking a bite of and digesting. It’s all quite flat as if a fizzy cola bottle that had been left with the lid off in the baking sun for a whole weekend.

‘Money’ starts with some sung vocals which have undergone a quite interesting sound effect treatment. The verses are based around the subject of finances which is explored well enough. However, there’s probably not a person walking on the UK’s earth that hasn’t thought up the quite obvious sentiments put forward here.

‘Let Me’ has a nice pace and the production is cool, with a good choice of drum sounds looping throughout. ‘Hey Rude Boy’ is a bit of a double time vibe to it and shows that the artist can handle a less formatted beat, but the lyrics are very much still throwaway. ‘How To Become A Rapper’ is a good title, more so because it’s an example of what not to do rather than what to do. The singing at the start is really annoyin and the verses are as if written to a group of ten year olds in a ‘hippity hop workshop’.

This CD would triple its entertainment value if it at least halved the number of tracks it included, used a much greater variety of production ideas and sounds, and had more topic orientated tracks which would give the listener a lot more to think about than typical and obvious boasts and claims.

This is all produced by Mad Phat, and is out on Mad Phat Records now.

5 Responses to “@irklipz- Free”

  1. DJ SubZero Says:

    yo @irkipz is the best rapper, thats my boy!

    i totally agree with what u say. The album hasnt finished yet.

    Just to let you know Under The Bridge I actually produced, and I havet finished anything on it yet.

    Thanks for the honest and unbiest review. Peace

  2. @irklipz Says:

    thanks for the review! I hope you will be able to review the new album (revised edition lol). Due to your comments : (.

    No seriouslt, everything you wrote down was in my thougths, you have made me see what i need to do to improve the album.

    Big @irklipz

  3. smokey Says:


    Thats some harsh words, if you wanna find out about it then get hold of the album and listen to some tracks, @irklips has a distintive flow which shows that he is not a normal main stream rapper, I think that this review is not accurate, and that certain tracks are tight, I think the reviewer is a bit stuck inside his own elitest hip hop world! Show some solidarity, you didnt hate it that much!

  4. blaq Says:

    yeah i’ve just finished havin a listen to the album…... hmmmm…... i think that the production’s alright but the lyrical ability of @irklips is definately similar to some of the lyrics that i was poppin off in primary school…. something about ‘mans roll with abundant heat’ on that track ‘down with the east side japs?’..... i don’t know man, maybe he needs a couple lessons, he just needs to expand his inspiration toward his rap, or maybe just give up the game absolutely….. nah lets give him a bit of credit, i mean i ain’t got an album!

  5. Tee Says:

    Smokey, perhaps i simply didn’t like it? you can’t expect me to simply say everything is amazing. Some things aren’t, including this! How do you think I spoke about specific tracks if I hadn’t listened to the album? Don’t be silly. Compared to the majority of reviews on here, this is actually extremely extensive and indepth. I’ve evidently taken serious free time to write what I did and offer my opinion, which is what the artist surely wanted me to do by going to such efforts to mail his release to me. By all means rally up in support of a friend, but don’t go criticising me or any other reviewer because of a different opinion to yours. That’s quite childish and blatently biast.