Symbiote Clone- ‘First Spores’

October 15th, 2005

Sadly, there’s more to dislike about this release than enjoy. The track ‘Bot Stalker’ produced by Hurricane Smooth has a nice pace and fairly enjoyable production, of a slight old skool and funky vibe. ‘Lower The Standards’ produced by Liquid Hands’ has a really nice vocal sample and the vocals match the beat nicely. The other tracks are pretty much unlistenable. The opening track ‘Town Crier’ and the second track ‘I Endure Her’ are of very annoying beats which get worse and worse as the loops continue. The vocals are pretty harsh on the ear and the lyrics don’t justify the listener making allowances. ‘Creation’ has a nice beat which is of the same melody as an old Blur song, and an old TV advert, but the vocals just don’t match the atmospheric string based sounds, especially when it comes to the artists singing, which makes things go from bad to worse. It’s a shame really, because the two enjoyable tracks mentioned earlier, show what the guys are capable of. It’s a shame this wasn’t simply a two track single release.

3 Responses to “Symbiote Clone- ‘First Spores’”

  1. Rich Says:

    After listening to this single, I feel that your review is a bit harsh. Okay so some of the beats and samples are slightly obscure and not your average, overdone, easy to produce beats, but i dont think they are anywhere near unlistenable, they may need some work and maybe a bit of a rethink in some places, but this is the some of their first stuff and they can only get better. Secondly i think you are missing the fact that the lyrics are by far some of the best i’ve heard in a long time. Its always good to hear lyrics that dont fall into the standard ‘Hip Hop’ category. Iron Tongues lyrics are fresh, witty, and extremely clever, i listen to some mainstream hip hop and dont hear lyrics as good as his. I especially like Lower the Standards, not only is well produced, but the lyrics have something to say, and i think thats important. Also i think both the vocalists voices complement each other but are completely different, again a fresh difference from the norm. I think you need to listen to this single with an open mind and you will be pleasantly surprised.

  2. Tee Says:

    Thanks for your comments. I appreciate you visiting and taking the time to give your opinion. I wont argue your points. Opinion is an individual thing which we’re all entitled to. But in regards to your point about listening to the release with an open mind, I did this, as I do with each and every release I am ever sent. I gave this no less time and attention as a CD or piece of vinyl from an artist I’m familiar with and personally rate highly. Here I’ve done I feel some of your comments show blatent evidence of strong biased views, most probably because you’re connected to the artists in one way or another, seeing as you have responded fairly immediatly to the review being posted, as if you was waiting for it. Thank you for your time, I hope you continue to enjoy the site.

  3. chis Says:

    thats a bit harsh i have to lisen to it from the begining and i hear prosperities! you not that bad i been telling everyone at collage bout you and i could get you some good follower’s and they like your music!