UK B-Boy Championships 2005

October 12th, 2005

Crews, News and Superman moves span their hearts out for the coveted b-boy championships in Brixton last Saturday. In the first of two lively nights of dance and b-boy chunk, Super-slick Shonn Boog stole the limelight early on — suited in waistcoat and trousers – with some wiggly legs that surely made the female members of the audience go weak at the knees: I know I was.

His opponent in the solo-popping final, Mike, mimicked the tunes well and slipped in a proverbial boot to kick his rival to the curb, but Boog was having none of it and slid his way back into contention with some fine slippery shoe movement. However, it was the Frenchman Mike who eventually took title, but not the heart of the crowd.

Legendary hosts Crazy Legs and Afrika Islam filled in the gaps with whatever nonsense they could think of, before the evenings blossoming beat-box talent, Faith SFX from London, mixed up a cacophony of beats and melodies to wipe the floor with D.O.A, his American counterpart. His talents ranged from vocal verse, which was impressive alone, to beat and chorus syncopation, and even a magic invisible flute. D.O.A, “A very humbled brotherâ€?, as Crazy Legs put it, was first to raise Faith’s hand in victory before the crowd confirmed what he already knew. Kella, be warned…

So, onto the finale! Crews began to swell around the dance floor. Eyes, like daggers, flew across the empty space, ready for a rumble. The Frenchman, Coy, set fires blazing early on, running across the stage, through supporting crew, up the lighting rig and off, via a backflip, onto his side of the floor. The crowd loved it, but Crazy Legs turned into teacher mode and issued a warning.

Reigning champion Physicx once again caught the eye, drawing out a bevy of slow perfectly formed hand plants, while fellow Korean Hong 10 worked the floor with a plethora of dextrous new tricks. Indeed, it was Hong who reached the final to face Roxrite of the US, who looked at home all evening in his orange pyjamas. Sadly, injustice struck again, as Roxrite the American was handed the 2005 UK B-boy title, much to dismay of the booing crowd. Maybe it had something to do with all three judges coming from America?

3 Responses to “UK B-Boy Championships 2005”

  1. Moteczuma Says:

    Maybe Roxrite had the best day of his breakdancing career and he prove to the judges that he was the best that day. Maybe it will better to get jdges from other part of world to judge such prestigous evert. Maybe we should all accept the fact that Roxrite has a special talent and he really let his talent show on the floor. Stop hating us (Americans) and let break dancing talent judge your opinions. Peace

  2. yopo Says:

    I was there also and I feel Hong should have won. The review isn’t hating Americans, it’s just saying what went down.

    Although the judges often go against the crowd at b-boys, i think they just appreciate some of the finer skilled techniques that none of us know about

  3. Spectral Says:

    Man, Hong 10 has been to the finals in 2002, 2004, and 2005 and lost all of them (I don’t know what happened in 2003). I thought he was really jipped in 2002 losing to a guy who just kept doing headspins. Hope he gets it next year..