DJ Skully & Klashnekoff- Focus Mode

October 8th, 2005

As far as UK hip-hop releases go, ‘The Sagas Of Klashnekoff’ was pretty big, not to mention the success of it’s heaviest track, the scene classic ‘It’s Murda’ which to this day, crowds exhaust themselves shouting for whenever the rapper steps on stage. The rest of the album maintained the public interest, with big numbers like ‘Jankrowville’, ‘Parrowdice’ and ‘Black Rose’ amongst others. Then it all went pretty damm quiet. Besides from just a couple of rare guest appearances such as on the Genesis Ellijah album’s track ‘Gun Talk’ which was in fact a polished up radio freestyle, there was nothing to be heard about at all.

Then all of a sudden word got out that a mix tape was on the way, and it wasn’t that much of a wait so the quiet time thankfully was spent being productive. Out on Reprezent Management’s new record label division of the same name, ‘DJ Skully Presents Klashnekoff: Focus Mode’ is an appetising taster of things to come, in particular the album ‘Lion Hearts’ which is a full album affair between Klashnekoff and producer Joe Buddah.

‘Focus Mode’ is a balanced mixture of tracks which use the familiar lyrics of tracks such as ‘Zero’, ‘Black Rose’, ‘Jankrowville’ and ‘Jah Bless’ over new music, and totally exclusive material such as the title track, ‘Mr K-Lash’, ‘Channel K’, and ‘Revolution’. Some beats are jacked from the likes of The Game and Nas releases. There’s also an intro and outro track and a few interludes.

Those tracks which revamp old material are enjoyable, but perhaps a little disappointing to the die hard fans who have been longing for new Klashnekoff material for a long time. Still, the beats are good and it’s nice to hear a fresh take on older numbers we’re all familiar with. The new material is solid, showcasing the flow and wordplay which has become the artist’s signature sound.

As per usual, there are times when Klashnekoff’s verses lurk too often in the area’s of slang and rhyme, rather than sustained song topics/subjects with a sense of continuity about each bar of lyrics. However, considering that this release has been created in the same period of time that the real debut album has been worked on, you can’t really fault it for not containing too many ‘real’ pieces of song writing which have hopefully been saved for what’s to come.

Keeping in mind that this is a mix tape, and more of a ‘re-introduction’ exercise, this is a top release with a healthy number of enjoyable moments which merit many playbacks. The reworking of ‘Son Of Niya’ is moving, ‘Revolution’ is food for thought and the bonus track by ‘Terra Firma’ which borrows from a recent Dead Prez track, is extremely impressive. Skully’s involvement is a blessing of high quality scratching, mixing and beats.

13 Responses to “DJ Skully & Klashnekoff- Focus Mode”

  1. Propaganda Life Says:

    Man I swear I’m turning into a Klashnekoff groupie. “Focus Mode” is straight up one of my favourite releases this year, either side of the pond. “Sagas of” was a fantastic album and Klash shows he’s just getting better. The “Black Rose” remix is fucking dope and I loved the original.

    People are quick to talk about Jehst and Kano but Klash needs to be getting his props imo.

  2. ahmed Says:

    listn ,all your shits good klash but 2 be honest i thought mariyah careys latest single sounded much better than yours, theres just sumthing wrong with your rap lyrics , it aint all down to earth, and your album cover whts with that, i wipe my arse with toilet paper and come up with a better picture of a black guy write back soon

  3. Jinx Says:

    Something wrong with K’s lyrics? Nah blud, something’s wrong with your ears. The black Russian been putting in work for time now, bringing real music to the people. Ahmed, you need to get back on that U.S. ‘watery watery’ shit man. Leave that undiluted 100 percent proof stuff to us, peace.

  4. FM Says:

    focus mode is sick, lyrics are mad

  5. star Says:

    Klashnekoff is a top rapper man… Cleary one of the best in Britain. If any1 can come up with similar stuff like that, except plan B an another few rappers… I would be suprised.

  6. OLi Says:

    Ahmed i doubt u have heard more than one track. I agree wiv Jynx, fink u need 2 sort either your ears or you shitty commercial taste. K-lash is sick, isnt bein beaten for a long time!
    My faviourite numba is Zero!
    Laterz G

  7. aLI Says:

    K-Lash dem mans Nek-Off is tightest artist on da Uk scene. Oder grime artists are tight like Sway ,Kano, Doctor etc. but k-lash is in a terra-tory of his own. All dat US shit be commerical, an dere b no heart, truth sense in da lyrics. Man dem undastand in the lyrics Some artist ryte lik Nas , common an ma man dem but on da whole peeps lik fiddy jus craka jack puppets. An whhere Ahmedz concerned tru i dobt he herd a klashnkeoff trak or he jus one deaf f*ka.

    Bloaw Bloaw dat be da sound ov klashnekoff burstin in ur Bra-ay-ain.

  8. Jonny.T Says:

    MR Fuck u pay cash! i love the sagas and im lovin Focus Mode,
    when it comes to k-lash you know he’s gonna perform. Fav track has to be the re-boot of Nas’s ‘get down’


  9. frezo Says:

    check ahmed out, dunt no bout klash n terra firma, straight merkin all tha way jus listen 2 tha lyrics bruv! ahmed probly feelin ja rule n fasses like dat!
    get a hearin aid boss!.


  10. reaperT Says:

    Ahmed you probably one of dem pussyholes that tinks Craig David is a hardcore artist, comparing K-Lash to Mariah Carey is like comparing a gat to a cap gun, they ain’t even in the same category, now listen to his shit again and if you’ve got any brain in your head you will realise he’s tighter than your mums asshole.

  11. Haze Says:

    Love all your tracks Klashnekoff.

    Respect, Haze.

  12. k69 Says:

    lash ur rass klat neck-off! too much, toooo real

  13. somerzmc Says:

    sup ppl, big up K, uk is far past the yanks, most of the us hiphop is full of commercial ballshit, 50 and snoop ect have no luv 4 the music its all bout the money car n chicks, uk is were the actions at , sicker tunes by far