Foreign Beggars- Let Go

October 8th, 2005

One of the tightest and most loved UK hip-hop crews return with this brand new single ‘Let Go’. Produced by Dag Nabbit, guest rapper Wildchild joins group members Orifice Vulgatron, Metropolis, Shlomo and DJ Nonames to create this very catchy, crisp and polished tune with a very infectious bounce in it’s beat. Although of a solid and listenable nature, Wildchild is shown up immensely by Vulgatron’s following verse. The personality, flow and lyrics are simply on another level. The rhymes of Metropolis cross the finishing line in second place, again sounding a lot more entertaining and charismatic than the child that’s wild.

The release includes ‘Million Skill March’ featuring Wildchild, Dr. Syntax and DJ IQ. Wildchild comes a lot stronger this time over another great beat by Nabbit, this time with hypnotising trumpets, and a faint and haunting high pitched melody in the background. Dr. Syntax makes a second appearance on the final track of the release, ‘Cryin’ Shame’. It’s another well rounded demonstration of quality control and class. Forein Beggars are as heavy as ever and sound like they’re able to make top notch stuff like this with ease. There’s quite a few artists and crews which could do with looking at stuff like this for a demonstration of the level they need to aspire to.