Sway- Download

October 8th, 2005

This new All City Music release by Sway has fantastic production, drenshed in all sorts of electronic sounds throughout a pacey tempo which further cements Sway’s reputation for being a very capable and talented producer. In terms of lyrics, the track is all about downloading music from the internet and hear’s the artist kindly pleading with music listeners to be reasonable. Towards the end of the track there’s a fairly humourous bunch of lines where Sway searches out a guy called Mr Kazaa, more commonly known as being a popular file sharing program. A particularly cool line is that about not owning the record sleeve when you download it. It’s nice to hear an artist tackling this subject, talk about the disadvantages to the listener, besides from bank balances. This is taken from the forthcoming album ‘This Is My Promo’ and drops on the 7th of November.