P.A.C- Matter Of Opinion

October 8th, 2005

Cafe Recordings artist P.A.C (Powerful and Calm) has been featuring on releases like the UK Runnings series and Mista Jaes projects for a while, and it’s nice to finally hear the solid emcee on his own project.

This EP, ‘Matter Of Opinion’ begins with ‘Complex Theory’ featuring Valu. The beat is a typical hip-hop affair with a nice deep bass. The hook is catchy and the verses orientate around the topics of boasting and the quality of other rappers. P.A.C’s vocals don’t instantly sound as charismatic and interesting as some of his freestyles that can be caught floating around, but it’s a listenable voice which executes solid, but not overly impressive lyrics.

‘Blaah!’ has quite an original and inventive beat but begins with an instantly annoying chanted hook which is a major put off. P.A.C’s flow for the rest of the track remains quite basic and uninteresting, whilst the lyrics fail to excite too. Perhaps if a more contemporary and experimental flow was implemented, the track as a whole would work a lot better.

‘Opportunity Knocks’ is produced very well. The loop based track of mellow drums and sound effects sounds great. The vocals are a lot better than the previous track, with a fairly interesting choice of subject matter which is easy to get your teeth into and think about.

‘Bump’ features GenieDon and Antidote. After a short intro of tedious talking, things get started and the track quickly becomes the standout affair of the whole release. The beat is quite atmospheric and dramatic, and all the vocals and lyrics match it extremely well. The added sample during the chorus sounds very sweet and Antidote shines a bright light over the need for him to release solo material.

‘Power…’ is a suitably named political track with a typical UK hip-hop attitude towards Tony Blair and the government. The beat on this is of a quite dirty loop which works well. As the song goes on, the lyrics become more interesting to follow and redeem the song from the typical teenage angst tripe which it showed a glimpse of being at the start.

Overall, this is a quality release from a record label which continues to grow and develop, whilst all the time putting out consistently enjoyable and worthwhile music. (Unfortunately the press release doesn’t state who produced what)

2 Responses to “P.A.C- Matter Of Opinion”

  1. Tricksta Says:

    big up P.A.C feeling ‘Blah’ played it on my UK Runnings Radio Show got a great response! peep http://www.caferecordings.co.uk

  2. LATE Says:

    This ep is SIK another quality release from the CAFE camp.