‘Ard Times- Cobbled Streets

September 9th, 2005

This EP begin’s with ‘What’s It Worth?’ a track that sounds like a third rate Eminem production. It’s intro is slow and drawn out. Once the vocals eventually comes in, the rhyming isn’t particularly impressive and the lyrics are quite average. The sung chorus is a little entertaining but gets boring quickly. The song’s a critique of material possessions, although the point could be made a lot stronger. ‘On The Chirps’ is another low quality production which sounds overal weak. It’s biggest merits are the couple of lines dissing the bird that bedded Beckham and the bird that bedded John Lesley. The song has another sung chorus which could be very much enjoyed by some people, and hated by others. ‘Cobbled Streets’ has very basic drums and very computerized sounds. ‘Nuttin’ Special’ is a little more uptempo than the other tracks and the vocals are just a little bit more interesting. One of the more questionable lines hears the group claiming people hire them to ghostwrite. ‘Clix ‘n’ Crews’ feels like less of a hiphop track and more of a garage number which works in the groups favour. Overal the quality is poor and the lyrics and vocals aren’t good enough to justify putting up with the uninspiring production.