Reggiimental- Wordz From Tha Regiment

September 9th, 2005

‘Mic Check’ begins the album quite poorly, with horrible computer based production that easily puts the listener off wanting to hear the vocals and the lyrics being rapped. ‘Prepared (Milestone ‘82)’ recovers things though and seems a lot higher in quality. The rapping is solid and the lyrics are quite introspective. There’s some chilled backing vocals and some nice keys scaling up and down. ‘G.N.O. News 24’ features Bigga, Blood and Jonez. It’s quite a conscious rap affair and showcases some fun sampling ideas. ‘Kidz Dem’ could sound impressive with a big studio budget. ‘If U Admire’ begins with a nice light sample which gets a little ruined later on in the track. ‘Grill (Grimey/Ill)’ nicely samples ‘I Can’t Help It’ by Michael Jackson and is a really laid back affair. The rest of the album tracks seem as though they could have been missed out, to create a solid EP rather than this hit and miss LP. The rapping and lyrics are good, the sampling ideas are enjoyable, but things could be tightened and sharpened up here and there.

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