DJ Mentat Feat. Skinnyman- When I Give My Heart To You

September 9th, 2005

Easily one of the top UK hiphop tunes of the past year, this track has been floating around for quite some time now, be it on radio which gave it tons of airplay, or the limited edition promo that flew off the shelves. It’s finally getting a full release now, and is accompanied by remixes care of Joe Buhdah and Dag Nabbit. Buhdha’s remix is atmospheric and really chilled, using tons of strings and a simple beat. Nabbit’s remix is another nice twist on the original, with an electronic guitar loop and some strings. As enjoyable as the two new versions are, it’s still the original which provides the most energetic and uplifting experience of the track. Skinnyman recently told Rapnews that his verses were actually freestyles, yet they seem as good as penned. If you haven’t picked up the release on vinyl yet, which would be a suprise, make sure you take this final opportunity to get your hands on a very memorable tune.

3 Responses to “DJ Mentat Feat. Skinnyman- When I Give My Heart To You”

  1. aaron Says:

    great tune does any one like the jaboda remix

  2. lucomb Says:

    what a track! amazing muzik by mentat, big up all uk producers showing them how its done

  3. £.P.$ Says:

    Any one know where i can fing it, ive got the remix and its a good song but has nothing on the original