Gum Drop- Sinking Feeling

September 9th, 2005

Gum Drop is the combination of producer Rob Mac and vocalist Randolph Matthews. Matt Smooth does some drumming and Lucy Wilkins handles violin, although I didn’t really notice any on first listens. The single’s lead track, ‘Sinking Feeling’ is of the more experimental nature, providing quite slow and lazy music which is going to do anything but up your energy levels, and probably wont help you relax too much because it’s not straight forward and simple enough. The sung vocals have undergone a pitching down and stretching treatment, or the dude has the deepest and slowest voice in the world. This is fairly refreshing at first but could easily irritate some listeners by the end of the track.

On the other side of the wax is ‘(Keeps on) Burning)’ which has a more traditional hip-hop beat, mixed with a very nice b-line. There’s some cool bongo’s in there and things build up at points with the additions of shakers and such, but these then fade off to make room for the sleepier sections of the track to continue. It’s nice that this kind of thing is still being made, for reasons other than Outkast album weirdness, and this will certainly cater to fans of Funkadelic and Parliament etc. It’s all taken off the forthcoming album which will be out this summer on Altered Vibes. Instrumentals of both numbers are included.