J Rawls- Soul (Again & Again)

September 9th, 2005

By the US based hiphop producer J Rawls who has worked with Beastie Boys, Wordsworth and Masta Ace, this R’n’B number is very chilled and relaxing on the ear. It features smooth vocals by Middle Child, a female vocalist from Ohio, and is perfect to put on when the stress of the city has got your head thumping. It offers little in terms of lyrics, but sometimes simplicity is a refreshing change to getting bogged down with words. I thought it a little pretentious to name the track after the style it was being aimed at, as it’s down to the listener to decide on classifications and all that, but the title and the content compliment each other well enough for me to let it go.

The B-side of this is ‘Bailar’ which features Aloe Blacc, a soul singer who’s about to bring out an album on Peanut Butter Wolf’s Stones Throw imprint. There’s some very nice softly used bongo’s on here, along with some trumpets and other light, fluffy things. Aloe Blacc sings in a style that reminds me of Craig David’s mixture of rapping and singing. The lyrics are pretty sloppy, but as in the first case, the music makes up for that. At the end of the track it escilates into some breathy beatboxing which sounds better than it reads. This single is out now, taken from the forthcoming J Rawls album ‘The Essence Of Soul’ out on Polar Records.