DPF- Still Flossin

September 9th, 2005

The Norwich based DPF begins this, his second EP, out on Son Records, with the flute based ‘All Worked Out’. It’s produced b Mr. Laws, has cuts by Tags and at first gave me the impression that this guy was pretty young, until I read he’s thirty. But age is but a number, and it’s a dope track, but not as dope as number two, ‘Jelly Belly’. This more lively number see’s the artist displaying a variety of impressive deliverys to solid lyrics. The beat, handled by Temper is extremely enjoyable and inventive, which is handy because there’s an instrumental of it afterwards. On the flip side is another Temper production named ‘The Inpatient’. It’s a vague sequel to ‘The Outpatient’ from the previous EP. Here, there’s a bit of a storytelling vibe in terms of lyrics, which lace more interesting and creative music. The EP closes with ‘Can’t Stop’ featuring Ezra, Tom-Tom and Mancini. Produced by Mr Laws, it is an enjoyable crew cut but the guests aren’t as interesting as the EP’s main man. A few more tracks would help to make a safer evaluation of the rapper, but going on this small handful of efforts, he’s a good rapper who can handle a range of flows over different types of beats.

4 Responses to “DPF- Still Flossin”

  1. dpf Says:

    cheers check out other releases on son,breakin bread,humble monkey and more…peace

  2. lullaby Says:

    this guy is amazing, there’s so much more to come….Xx

  3. Truth Says:

    BIGGUP DPF….... EA WOOP WOOP…it’s a sick EP looking forward to the album…..yes yes!

  4. jimi handtrix Says:

    go check dpf with his cheeky punchlines and battle raps… a couple of good tracks with kasmere outhere somewhere…go find