Wordsmith- Roadman Showcase Sampler 7″

September 9th, 2005

Wordsmith has been making noise for a while now, since his debut EP ‘More Than Words Can Say’. This sampler of his fantastic new album provides a good insight into what listeners can expect, and has some of the best tracks from there, although there are so many other numbers just as good. The main single on here is ‘The Analyst’ which is a typically great production by Tom Caruana, who handles all the tracks here. He’s easily the most exciting producer in the UK scene right now and these beats are further proof. The track’s got a catchy chorus and headnodding verses. ‘Trading Bars’ featuring Genesis Elijah has a bouncy reggae beat which the duo take turns to drop dope bars over. The track’s enjoyable, if a little short. ‘Sun God’ remix is just as good, if not better. It’s charged with heavy lyrics which are a demonstration of class which far outweigh’s a lot of the rest of the scene. It’s not too often you get releases that leave you as hungry as this does, for more material. Wordsmith and Caruana are the future of UK rapping and producing. That’s official.