Vocab Malone- Happy Hardcore

September 9th, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the happiest rapper in hip-hop, who releases this, his forth album, on Makeshift Records. Based in Phoenix, Vocab Malone is a hiphop artist and poet who has reached the US’s National Poetry Slam Final, toured for 2 months, made numerous guest apperances and studied at bible college. He enlisted the impressive production skills of the very capable Cre One for this entire project and originates from Ohio.

‘Sup!’ is utter party music, with a very catchy hook and upbeat production. Comments about holding party’s with no weed or beer might scare you at first, but in comes a little line about Aaliyah which draws you back in. It’s clear from this first track that you’re listening to a Christian rapper, but we’re all grown up’s and can deal with that right?

‘Lot2lose’ features Pigeon John and is another extremely well produced track with cool drum sound choices and atmospheric synthesisers. The title track is drenshed in old school soul, whilst ‘A New Home’ offers a touch of spoken word over a chilled and subtle instrumental. ‘Boo Hoo’ seems a little corny, but that could be deliberate because of the title, and ‘Ode To Dr. King’ does what it says on the tin over music I’d love to hear be played live by a jazz collective.

‘notalotalove’ featuring Red Cloud is a fairly slow number with reflective subject matter about the state of the world and all that. ‘Hollow Sleep’ featuring Man Of War displays more variety in the ways Malone can deliver his thoughts whilst ‘I Now Know’ is a heavy thumping number with darker lyrics than most of the other tracks. ‘TV Poem’ completes the album with a live recording which will be right down the streets of anyone who likes people moaning about the box, and attending poetry jams.

So it turns out he isn’t the happiest man in the world, as tracks further along the album get a bit more reflective and indepth, but what is for certain is that he’s an able rapper, comes good with the poetry and live performances, and has allowed a very impressive and talented producer shine across 14 numbers.

10 Responses to “Vocab Malone- Happy Hardcore”

  1. Vocab Malone Says:

    1st off, thanks for taking the time to review the project. For real.

    I think your review was fair and even-handed, which I most definitely appreciate. Keep up the good work and if anyone wants to listen to or buy the album, check http://www.myspace.com/vocabmalone or http://www.cdbaby.com/vocabmalone

    Peace ya’ll, and keep up the good work!

    PS – that line in “’sUP!” wasn’t actually about Aaliyah, it says “like it was a Lear (jet)” ... must be my ‘’accent’’ =)

  2. tommyboy Says:

    the cd is tight! i cant stop listening to it i’m obsessed somebody please help me ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

  3. Mark Mason Says:

    I’ll say it over and over again, Happy Hardcore is the best Christian album of the last 5 years. Not to mention one of the best album christian or not of the year. I’m in love with these songs.

  4. Adelle Sizemore Says:

    I love happy hardcore The song “Happy Hardcore” will leave you happy and feeling good. The song “Hollow Sleep” really gets at your emotions! I love it
    I can’t wait till these songs make to MTV!

  5. dark speach Says:

    this is his (vocab’s) best album ever… has somthing for all types of taste to enjoy. it also sounds more focused and dilleberate and more what the artist wanted to portray with his music than any other album i ve heard of his.
    Cre one’s production is very very dope and been slept on for too long we need to hear more of his junk


  6. Bret Says:

    I really like the up lifting feeling I get when listen to these beats,
    Like Happy Hardcore, prime of life yes/no and the others.
    I can’t believe this CD not on the Jukebox YO….

  7. Laetitia Says:

    Vocab Malone is the real deal…a rapper that allows Jesus to be seen through his creative way of rapping the word.
    Vocab has what it takes to reach this generation…he does it with HAPPY HARDCORE
    Cre One…wow..he is the best
    Vocab Malone and Cre One…you can’t go wrong with these two…go get the cd...and buy extras for your friends

  8. Sammy B. Says:

    HAPPY HARDCORE…this is an awesome cd. Vocab knows how to get you of your seat and dance! The more I listen ,the more I dance, the more I dance the happier I am…Happy Hardcore. You gotta get this cd it not only rocks…it totally rocks
    DJ Cre One…he totally rocks…and he is the bestest in the westest

  9. Tee Says:

    1 comment a month for a year on the rest of the site
    8 comments in one day on this one cd
    hmmm someone’s got a lot of friends.

  10. Dwight D. Says:

    Vocab Malone is one of the best emcees I’ve ever heard in a long time. I never listened to songs with so much substance about life itself. Vocab’s recent album “Happy Hardcore!” has been so inspiring and uplifting, that it is one of the few albums that continue to replace my old secular music. it’s beats, rhymes, poetry, and his shows are one you have to see. If you want to know more about his music and message, grab a Cd. Everybody get up! if you know whats up….yo! peeeace… Dwight D.