Lotek Hi-Fi- Mixed Blessings

September 9th, 2005

The idea behind this album’s name is that the group consider different types of black music to each be blessings, and that the tracklisting is of a variety of genres. The collection of tunes justifies the title, clear from as early in as track two. The production from the first to last track is polished and enjoyable, and offers a wide variety of paces and vibes. ‘Ram Dancehall’ is a bouncy number with a caribean flavour. ‘How It Go’ has a nice mixture of chilled strings and piano over a simple and laid back drum pattern. ‘Blessings’ has a very nice reggae vibe which is ideal for a loud sound system with the bass levels high. ‘Move Ya Ting’ features a guest appearance by Roots Manuva which makes a lot of sense, suits the rest of the album and comes correct. ‘Show Down’ is bouncy and of good vocal flows that match the beat well. ‘Diatribe’ is full of dancehall energy and has some nice strings of various pitches happening in the chorus. Things end on the impressive ‘Showdown Reprise’ which is an atmospheric and artistic instrumental, of a classical vibe. All in all, this is very classing and enjoyable on many different levels. It’s certain to bring a carnival vibe to your car or living room and is a lot more interesting than most UK releases right about now. It’s a blessing in itself.