Stereotypz- Costa Del Essex

September 9th, 2005

If The Streets, MC Pitman or Goldie Looking Chain didn’t piss you off, you’ll probably really enjoy this very catchy track which is light hearted and the combination of East London’s Brad Leisure, Trevor Groove and Rob D’Riche. Out this month on Maximum Boost Records, this could easily get lapped up by the same people who allow The Mitchell Brothers to make a living. It’s not traditional hiphop, there’s lots of computer type sounds in the production which is good for the type of angle that’s being aimed for, and the lyrics will cater for those who laugh at jokes about mum’s with penis’s, drink lots of beer and wear Topman clothes. More sophisticated hip-hop listeners out there will push this aside as a few guys jumping on the bandwagon of the previously named artists.

14 Responses to “Stereotypz- Costa Del Essex”

  1. tiffany Says:

    i love it! this track is set for “number 1”
    the whole of essex needs this to come out,i just cant wait to see the video

  2. John Says:

    Hi people…..yeah i heard it on a pirate in London one morning and i think its wicked too….need some different tunes in the charts don’t ya think?

  3. sharon Says:

    Its a tune a Club Classic….lol

    The lyrics are proper funny and its essexs to a tea!!

    Love it. 10/10 from me

    Shaz X

  4. gomez Says:


  5. Mark King Says:

    Well done. Brilliant song Really gets the mood and vibe of Home grown Essex boys who know their music. Good production and an origional image that can just grow and grow. Love to see a video. Let’s hear more.

  6. seh Says:

    yep I gots the whole album .. rob your cool – good meeting ya on saturday … ‘by the market’ lol. I think it’ll do well on release along with most their other choons too!! woop.

  7. Brunettie Says:

    This tune is hillarious, loved it to bits!! Spot on!

  8. Marc Says:

    Anyone know where I can download it, please?

  9. dave Says:

    i found it!!
    click on
    just listend to there new stuff…well funny!! go get em guyz!!

  10. Tom Says:

    OMG!! Luvvit! ma m8 knows the ppl hu do it and ths song is so catchy! lol bin singing it all day, nice 2 know there are people backing up essex! lol WICKFORD! !

  11. Char Says:

    OMG Love this to death and yes argos is right near the market in BASILDON Whooooooo Hoooooooooo

  12. Smiler Says:

    Just got a of copy of the tune. cant wait to play out! my house mates were going mad when i stuck it on. phat tune. get it in the charts 4 sure. ps check out braintree market 4 the goods lol.

  13. Some Champion Says:

    This track is my anthem for summer 2006, gets me in the mood for heading out for drinks. Canada loves ya!

  14. lloydy Says:

    woop this is awsome and braintree market is shit u need to go to north wield lol never been there actualy could be good.